Yesterday my Savior died for me;
Tomorrow my Savior sets me free. (via iamschlades)

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I don’t understand why people are getting married so young. I understand being in love and that whole bunch of bullshit, but why get married. I feel that people don’t take marriage seriously nowadays and it’s sad. Marriage is something sacred and something that should be…

I definitely agree with you about how marriage isn’t taken seriously now. I know several people who only got married because they had a child together and their marriage is terrible.
But I do think people who truly love each other for the pureness of their heart and get married- there is nothing wrong with that.
Instead of putting down marriage entirely, it would be helpful to actually promote couples who love each other and truly know each other.
I was with my husband for three years whenever we got married and I got married at 18, and now I’m 19. I seriously LOVE my married life. It is definitely not easy but I have so much fun with him.
I also think it depends on the people. These people need to be aware of the purity and life-long commitment they will have to their spouse. God created marriage for us, without that we wouldn’t be able to get married.

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I will be able to get paid doing what I love: helping disabled children and helping them learn to ride horses.

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